Welcome to the Alaska Holy Community

Building friendships. Blessing neighbors.

About Us

We are the Heavenly Parent's Holy Community of Alaska; we are the Alaska Family. We are brothers and sisters; we are friends; we are associates. We were either born in Alaska, currently live in Alaska, used to live in Alaska, or have family and friends in Alaska. It could be that we visited the Alaska Holy Community at some point in our life and wish to stay connected. Others of us dream of being in Alaska, and thus choose to hang out here.

Our purpose is to uphold the ideal of the family. We are all in the process of building a happy home. We support each other on this app. We entertain and host your stories, your dramas, your challenges, your victories, your hopes. We learn from each other. Your friendship and photos are welcomed here.

Finally, as children of the Heavenly Parent, God, we know what it means to breathe on this beautiful earth, especially in Alaska. We cherish this place, as it is the best reflection of our magnificent life beyond.

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